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Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Pune

The Pediatric Eye Care Department at Atharva Nethralaya deals with eye disorders in children. Pediatric Ophthalmologists know how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative. In addition, Pediatric ophthalmologists use equipment specially designed for children.

Children may not understand or complain of visibility with one or both eyes. Sometimes the only clue may be poor performance in School, as well viewing the blackboard or T V at a very close distance. Hence all children need an eye examination during schooling days.

The Common Eye Disorders in Children are:
Refractive Error:

This is single most important disorder in children & requires a strict use of glasses. It may lead to permanent loss of vision, if not detected & treated at an early age.

Squint Eye:

In this case, both eyes do not work in co-ordination. The treatment involves usage of glasses, Eye exercises & surgery of eye muscles ,before the age of six years. If not the child may lose the vision of one eye.

Amblyopic Eye (Lazy Eye):

Poor vision in one or both eyes, due to refractive error, squint or unknown cause, an earlier treatment could help child to regain the vision.

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP):

Premature born children are at the risk of ROP. Delay in treatment may lead to a total loss of vision.

Pediatric Cataract (Opacification of Lens):

Cataract can occur in children by birth or due to some eye injury. The treatment requires a surgical procedure, if not may lead to “Lazy Eye”.

Blocked Tear Duct:

Excessive watering of the eyes, the treatment includes Eye massage or probing.


Drooping of eyelids, a surgical procedure can correct the problem.

Common Symptoms:
Poor performance in school
Viewing of objects & television at a close distance
Eye shaking
Dry & red eye
Premature born baby
Family history of major eye disorders.


1) Prism Bars : For Measurement of Squint


2) Synaptophore : For measurement of Squint and Exercises for “Lazy Eye” Treatment


3) Vision Testing Charts: For Infants and Children


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