You might have been having a great eyesight. However, after 40, there might be a sudden feeling that you have to deal with eyesight issues. Hence after the fortieth birthday, one should visit the eye specialists and have a yearly checkup. Every eye problem as a result of the age might not be serious, still, there are very high chances that they make you uncomfortable. Here we take you through some of the problems that can pop up after 40 and some tips that can come handy.
Dry eyes
Both men and women can be affected by dry eyes. However, this is more of a problem for women and they can sense that the eyes can start to dry out post 35. The shift in the hormones is the reason for this. Also after menopause, the levels of estrogen and progesterone decline. The decline in the levels causes the eyes to dry out. The dry indoor air is also one of the reasons for this.
In order to solve this problem, a visit to the eye doctor is a must, especially if one is using contact lenses. Make use of prescribed eye drops as they can help in rebuilding the tears in the eyes. Another way of dealing with this problem is diet. A diet that can keep oneself well hydrated will help the eyes. Drinking plenty of water can be of great use.

Drop in reading vision
In case if there is a sudden need for more light while reading or if you start holding the smart phone or books further away, the bells have started ringing. The increasing age causes the lense in the eye to become less flexible. This brings in the need for using glasses. In this case, the only option is to pay a visit to the eye specialist and go for an eye exam. The eye test will decide if you will end up buying reading glasses or you need to have something customized as per your requirement. The multi focal contact lenses of today are of great use as compared to bifocal lenses.

Night vision problems
The most common problems of aging vision are lack of night vision. The aging of the photo receptors in the eyes causes this problem. Nothing much can be done in this case. However annual check up is the only way and to deal with night vision problems.

The growing pressure on the inside of the eye leads to damage of the optic nerve. This causes glaucoma. In case if it is not treated properly, it may lead to loss of vision. All those above 40 must get their eye check up each year. In case of early detection, there is a possibility that it can be treated.