With summer approaching in just a few days, you are surely preparing to handle the adverse effects that the strong heat will have on your body. However, it is important to note that your eyes need special care during this time. Here are a few common problems that your eyes might face this summer, and some tips to take care of them.

Dry Eyes

This condition occurs during summers due to the high temperatures, and evaporation of fluids in the tear duct.


This is one of the commonly occurring eye ailments that afflict people during summers. It can be recognized by a combination of symptoms including pricking sensations, redness, and watery discharge from your eyes.

Eye Allergies

Summers usually bring a deadly combination of pollution an heat into the air around us. This makes your eyes susceptible to allergies. Common symptoms are a burning sensation around your eyes, itching, and redness.


This is the inflammation of the eyelids, which is caused due to bacterial infection, which causes painful red swellings in one or both eyelids.

How to Care for Your Eyes

  • The easiest way to care for your eyes is to always wear sunglasses when you leave your home. However, it is important that the sunglasses that you wear offer 100% protection from UV rays.
  • Ensure that you get adequate sleep every day. Six to eight hours of sleep on a daily basis will help your eyes to rejuvenate and regain its health naturally.
  • It is important to wash your eyes with cold, clean water a few times every day. This will help in relieving any symptoms of eye problems that you may come across, and keep eye diseases at bay.
  • Never self-medicate. Even if it is just a simple issue like dry eye, it should be treated with eye drops prescribed by your doctor. The risk of vision loss through faulty self-medication is too great to take lightly.

If however, you have an eye ailment that needs additional attention, we at Atharva Netralaya will be more than happy to consult with you and treat your problem in a timely and effective manner. To book an appointment, visit www.atharvanetralaya.com