I, Ranganathan, am a seventy-one-year-old person and was diagnosed with cataract and had to undergo surgery in both eyes. Dr. ParikshitGogate, associated with Atharva Netralaya, Ghole Road, Pune carried out the surgeries on the right and left eyes on the 28th of February and 14 of March 2017 respectively. Both the surgeries were successful, and I recovered within a week of each surgical operation. The post-surgery improvement in the vision in both eyes was remarkable.

However, a little over three weeks since the first surgery in my right eye, I developed blurred vision. Dr.Gogate could find nothing abnormal, and there seemed to be no adverse developments resulting from the cataract surgery. After a brief discussion, he suggested an examination of the eye by a retina specialist and referred me to Dr. Aditi Patwardhan at the same hospital. Dr. Patwardhan performed a retina scan wherein the problem was immediately identified. The problem was as a result of the swelling of the retina. As I curiously browsed on the internet, I found out that this is a condition that arises in a certain percentage of patients after cataract surgery and that it is entirely unrelated to the success of the surgery as such.

Dr. Patwardhan informed me that injecting a steroid into the affected eye would immediately cure the problem. However, she was wary of performing the procedure in my case, as I was prone to high intraocular pressure. This had a chance of getting out of control if the eye was injected with a steroid. She also explained to me that the drug resides in the eye for about three weeks, and hence increased the risk in case something went wrong. However, after about four weeks of using topical eye drops, there was no improvement in the condition, and meanwhile, the left eye also started developing the problem. Dr. Patwardhan then decided to inject the eye with a smaller dose of the drug. This had the desired result, and the swelling subsided almost immediately restoring normal vision in the eye. Meanwhile, I continued with the topical eye drops in the other eye, which responded well to the same, resulting in restoring normal vision in that eye also.

My experience Atharva Netralaya, the two doctors who treated me, and the staff who assisted them, has been extremely satisfactory and gratifying. I am not qualified to comment on the professional competence of the doctors, but as a lay person, I could feel that I was in safe hands and was getting the best professional treatment. The outcomes of the treatments bore out my feelings.

The doctors were confident of what they were doing. Nevertheless, they had no hesitation to seek further expert assistance in specialized areas, if they felt the need for the same. They were reassuring and very helpful, explaining in simple language the procedures that they performed and their implications. At the same time, they took a cautious approach and ensured that I was not exposed to excessive or unnecessary risks.

I found the atmosphere at the hospital positive and encouraging. Dr.Snehal, who assisted Dr. Patwardhan and performed preliminary procedures, was very supportive. She and the other staff, who took care of various formalities, and helped us in undergoing various tests and procedures, and in completing the necessary formalities, were very courteous, helpful, and efficient. I felt absolutely at home at the hospital both during the surgical procedures and during my follow-up visits and consultations. The hospital was clean and well maintained. From what I could see, it was also self-sufficient and had the entire range of equipment necessary for effective and comprehensive treatment.

To sum up, my experience with Atharva Netralaya has been most satisfying. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the hospital, its doctors, and staff for providing quality service in a critical area of human health, and extend my best wishes to them.