While our eyes are the body parts that we are extremely dependent on, eyecare till recently has always been on a low priority, and the techniques and tools being used by eye doctors have been slow and not entirely accurate. However, recent advancements in technology make the same process super fast and super accurate. Here, we can take a peek at some of the technologies being used by doctors, that have the most impact on eye care procedures.

Eye Examination Technologies

Digital tools are the path to a new approach towards eye exam, and they are completely replacing eye testing methods. This enables the eye specialist to gain a clearer understanding of the patients, vision and overall eye health. This enables a shorter eye examination process, that provides complete answers with a detailed analysis of the information needed, making the entire process, very convenient and stress-free to undergo.

The vision profiler is one of the latest tools that are being used by eye doctors around the world. It provides the doctor with a detailed visual profile after analyzing the eyes and even detects details like how the eyes view the environment in different lighting conditions.

Lens profilers are eye examination tools that are gaining popularity with eye specialists around the world, to get extremely accurate measurements of prescriptions in high-quality lenses and other corrective measures, to remove any ambiguity. It can also simulate before and after vision demonstrations if needed.

Digital retinal scans are used when an analysis of the entire organ is needed. It provides detailed imaging of the eyes, and provides the doctor a map of the interiors of the eyes, for clarity and comprehensiveness in eye health issues. This also prevents the usual side effects of eye dilation such as temporary difficulty in eye focus and sensitivity to light.

Optical coherence tomography is used to use lightwave frequencies to take cross-sectional images of the retina in complete automation to remove any chance of human error from arising.

Apart from technologies like this, patient education is also given high priority. Eye care institutes provide educational videos and blogs to help explain the changes that might occur in the eye’s physiology and vision.

Through the continuous innovation in the field of medical science, tools like these enable the eye doctors to formulate customized precise treatment for each one of their patients. Eye care specialty centers like Atharva Netralaya provide their patients with the most advanced technologies for treatments and assure a seamless and world-class experience.