Glaucoma is not just an eye disease. It is a term which is applied to a series of conditions that ultimately cause a nerve damage. This nerve damage is so severe that it has an overall effect on the overall visual system as it damages and kills the cells that carry visual information from the retina to the brain. As said earlier, though it is not an eye disease, it ultimately causes either damage of worsening of the optic nerve.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in managing glaucoma:

It is very difficult for an individual to keep track of the medications for glaucoma is quite difficult keeping in mind the other schedules. Hence, it is essential to have proper knowledge, being organized and having a healthy routine, managing glaucoma is possible.

Knowing your medication

Your family members, family doctor and another specialist should know that you have glaucoma and that you are on medications for the same. This will be helpful for the doctors in prescribing medicines and treatments that won’t overlap the glaucoma medications. One should be cautious while using any medications that have cortisone. There is a possibility that some of the medicines can result in strong side effects. Do not hide any side effects if you suffer. Share them with your doctor. In the case of any changes such as eye irritation, watering or unusual discharge, report to your doctor as soon as possible.


Converting medication into a part of your daily routine is unnecessary. In case you forget to take your medicines, it is essential to take medication whenever you remember. After taking medication, get back to your routine. In case you misplace your medications, having an extra set of the medicines is helpful.

Be organised

The best way is to manage glaucoma is keeping a record of every medicine that you are taking. A good way is to note down the name, the dosage and the quantity of medicine to be taken every day. Plan your next visit for the checkup. In case you are going to be out of town for professional or personal reasons, it is better to have a checkup before you leave. If you have questions about the treatment, note them down and ask your doctors without having second thoughts.

Be fit

Keeping your eyes safe, clean and away from irritants is an essential thing. Especially women should take great care while using cosmetics. It is advised to make use of nonallergic brands, and the best way to keep infection away is to keep replacing the cosmetics often. At times, glaucoma medications can make your eyes have an itchy sensation or at times blurry. Never rub your eyes if you feel itchy. If you are swimming, use goggles to avoid allergies and bacteria from the water to affect your eyes. Having a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and maintaining proper weight is extremely important. Before starting a straining exercise have a word with your doctor. These are a few tips that can be of great help in managing your glaucoma.