Eyes are the most precious organs of the human body. That is why one must take all the possible care to take care of the eyes. With the paced up environment in today’s age, sparing some time to work on taking care of eyesight is almost impossible. However, there are some techniques and tips that can be used to improve the eyesight.

Given below are some simple tips that can be carried out every day and improve the eyesight naturally.

Proper treatment for eyes

It is really important to have a proper diet that is healthy and is full of fruits and vegetables. The proper vitamins and essential nutrients will help in improving your eyesight. It will also avoid it from deteriorating. Vitamins A, C, and E are the most important for eyesight. Vegetables that are laden with antioxidants such as carrots are also a wonderful bank of nutrients for having healthy eyes. In case if you are thinking that you are not getting the correct vitamins, you can think of having a multi-vitamin diet.

Proper rest

Sleeping for the right amount of hours is essential if you are looking for having good eyesight. One should also take breaks during the day. In case if one has to work on the computer throughout the day, experts have advised that a break of at least 10 minutes after every hour spent facing the screen. The most simple task one can do is to close eyes for a couple of minutes or have a walk around the office. Shift your eyes away from the screen for some time. One can also follow the 10-10-10 rule for letting the eyes take rest. The 10-10-10 rule means that one should have a look at a still object placed at a distance of 10 feet away for 10 seconds after every 10 minutes of working on the screen.

Apart from the rule, it is necessary to have a good sleep of at least eight hours. Well rested eyes will give the best results as they will remain in better condition.

Eye exercise

Daily eye exercises are the fastest ways to improve vision naturally. The exercises help to improve the vision as they strengthen your eyes. The exercises can also eliminate the usage of contact lenses or glasses. A regular schedule of exercise will help in having a better vision at a faster rate. Rub the palms together and then place them on your eyes. Hold them over the eyes for at least 5-10 seconds. Keep repeating this for some time. This acts as a warm up exercise for the eyes.

Roll your eyes. This begins the exercise for the eyes. This is one of the simplest of the exercise for the eyes. Look up and then look down. Try looking as far as you can, but don’t strain your eyes in the process. Repeat this for ten times. Rotate your eyes in counter clockwise motion for at least ten times. Take a pen and hold it at an arm’s length distance at eye level. Try focusing on the tip of the pen and move it near your eyes. When the pen is six inches away, stop and repeat the steps. However, this has to be done slowly and keeping the focus on the pen’s tip.

Once the eye exercises are over, one should apply heat on the eyes. Remember that resting the eyes is crucial while preserving the health of the eyes.