Rainy season is a time full of joy and happiness. It is a season that everyone is looking forward to after an extremely hot summer. The raindrops bring the smile on many faces, and charges up everyone. However, it also brings along with it a string of microorganisms coupled with numerous viruses that contaminate the eyes with damaging infections

Do you have a swollen eye? Do you have an itching sensation in your eye? If the answers to such questions are yes, then it is high time you should take precautionary measures or else there is a very high chance of your eyes getting prone to diseases.

Some of the common eye problems as a result of the rainy season and also take a look at the measures to prevent them.


The redness developed under the eyelid or the swelling of the surface that is commonly known as conjunctiva is known as conjunctivitis. The three most common causes of conjunctivitis include infections caused dues to bacteria or viruses. Allergic conjunctivitis takes place when eyes come in contact with allergens like pollen, dust, etc.

The best way to keep eyes away from conjunctivitis is to keep your eyes clean. Washing eyes at least 3-4 times with cold water will wash out the bacteria. Also, it is advisable to avoid the use of contact lenses as that will amplify the issue.


An eye stye is caused as a result of excessive rubbing of eyes with dirty hands. An infection of this type is said to be very painful. If not paid attention at the right time, it can turn into a painful red swelling that will continue for days, and then burst. The infections lead to swelling and pus formation.

Usage of hot compress is a way to avoid eye stye. Also, it is essential to have clean hands.

Drye eyes

Having dry eye results into irritation and the loss of lubrication. In extreme cases, dry eyes might also lead to blurred vision. Eyes are very sensitive to such an infection during monsoon. Eye drops act as lubricants that will give a soothing sensation to the eyes. However, it is wise not to choose the eye drops over the counter.


Allergy is caused as a result of the dust, pollens and also excessive usage of cosmetics. The allergy, if not paid attention to well in time, will spread like a forest fire. Hence utmost care while applying cosmetics. The use of best quality and water proof cosmetics is necessary. The cosmetics should not interfere with the normal functioning of the eye.

Some tips to combat eye infections

Keeping clean

A clean body brings in minimum infections. Washing hands properly with clean water and a daily bath is very much necessary to stay clean and avoid attracting allergies. Never share towels and stay away from a person affected with conjunctivitis. Bacteria travel at tremendous speed.

Avoid lenses and use Sunglasses

Lenses during heavy rains and winds result into redness of eyes and also cause itching. Eyes are very sensitive, and hence it is crucial to protect them from dust and heavy rainfall. Use sunglasses as they will bar the dust from entering into the eyes.

Use eye drops

Eyedrops are soothing agents for the eyes. They act as a protective layer and avoid bacteria and viruses from entering the eyes. Use of eye drops before going to bed is advisable.

These tips are of great use and will make monsoon a season of fun for you.