A cataract can be understood as the lens directly behind the iris becoming cloudy or opaque. Although the issue usually occurs in elderly people, in rare cases even children might be affected. If you are concerned that your child might be suffering from this condition, here is what you must do to ensure timely corrective treatment.

Causes and Effects of Cataracts in Children

Small cataracts are sometimes found in newborn children, but these are no cause for concern as they do not affect vision in any way. On the other hand, larger-sized cataracts can severely affect how much a child can see. The cause of cataract in both eyes is usually hereditary in nature, or the result of some genetic disorder. Prior trauma is also a possible cause if the cataract is only in one eye.

Treating Cataracts in Children

It is important that problematic cataracts are removed as early as possible, even if the child is a newborn, to avoid optical problems. The process involves the surgical breaking and removal of the faulty lens and correcting the focus with the use of contact lenses, glasses, or implanting intraocular lenses.

In cases where one eye has better vision than the other, a patch is used to cover the good eye, so that the eye that has undergone the cataract surgery can be simulated to gain better function. In most cases, the child will have to use bifocal glasses to correct smaller residual errors. The entire process is painless, and there is very little discomfort afterward.

The Use of Intraocular Implants

Used as a permanent replacement for the natural lenses of a child’s eyes, intraocular lenses, which can be used instead of glasses and contact lenses through surgery. The process has risks, but these are extremely rare, and all possibilities are discussed by the doctor before going for the procedure.

It is important to note that cataracts in babies should be treated before 2 months of age, as the results of surgery get poorer as the child grows older. This is due to poor connections being formed between the eyes and the brain in the absence of proper stimuli. Atharva Netralaya will provide the best care for your child, and you can rest assured that you have taken the right decision in time.