India has long lacked a strong infrastructure base for eye care. While the last few years have shown great advances in bringing in the latest technologies in the country, there is still a long way to go in terms of its reach to all sections of the population. In a study by the WHO a couple of years back, India had approximately 50% of the world’s blind population.

Under government schemes, institutes of ophthalmology, health centers, and hospitals have developed eye care units which provide services such as cataract operations, eye banks, etc. Also, the total of vision impairment in the country costs the economy several thousand crores worth of productivity loss. People who’re vision has been corrected got massive increments in productivity and income. This problem is exaggerated due to the fact that there is only one eye doctor for every 80,000 people in the country.

Providing for What India Needs

There is an urgent requirement for fast, affordable, and high-quality eye care. Although the task is monumental, institutions like the Atharva Netralaya super- specialty eye hospital in Pune are creating a real impactful change on a daily basis.

Eye care technology is one of the most important parts of this vision and providing state of the art facilities for conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, cornea and retina specialties, and oculoplasty is of great need. Precision digital tools are used to create insightful and stress-free, personalized eye care, with a simple appointment.

This means that there is lesser ambiguity about the treatment, and more clear and detailed answers about eye problems, in a shorter period of time. This makes a visit to the eye doctor that much more meaningful for the patient.

To provide the best eye care practices at one place consistently is the aim. Since 2013, over 50 expert eye specialists here, have been providing the best eye care in a very wide spectrum of services available in the region.

Importantly, quick and equal treatment is at the heart of Atharva Netralaya. No matter the patient’s background, everyone is treated the same, and people are not made to wait if at all possible, all at affordable prices. This has led to a popular word-of-mouth popularity, for friendly and competent doctors, to avoid unpleasant surprises during the eye examinations.

In light of the current scenario, Atharva Netralaya plays the part of a role model with successful treatment of several thousand patients and eye check-up camps, by making eye care accessible and sustainable for everyone without making any compromise on quality.