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The cornea is the clear window at the front of the eye that covers the colored iris and the pupil. Light is focused while passing through the cornea to form a clear image on the retina. The healthy cornea is transparent. If the cornea is abnormal, damaged or diseased, it may become swollen or scarred, resulting in blurred vision or glare.

The conditions affecting the Cornea are as follows:
Congenital and hereditary corneal disorders
Corneal infections
Allergic eye diseases
Immunologic disorders of cornea
Keratoconus and other corneal degenerations
Ocular surface disorders including severe dry eye, blepharitis, chemical injuries, Stevens Johnson’s syndrome
Ocular surface tumor
Refractive error

Facilities & Diagnostic Services:
Pachymetry – Measurement of corneal thickness
Anterior segment Digital Photography
Specialized Contact lens fitting – for irregular cornea, keratoconus and for therapeutic purposes

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